How to make a good cup of coffee ☕️


32 grams of light roast whole coffee beans

1 gooseneck kettle

1 coffee grinder

1 timer

1 V60 pour over (with paper filter) / 1 French press




For a smoother cup................................... V60

For a stouter cup....................................... French Press


  1. Heat water to 200 degrees (30 seconds off the boil)
  1. Put paper filter on V60, place V60 over your mug
  1. Pour 20-30 grams of water into V60 in a circular motion, wettening the paper completely (This will ensure no papery taste resides in the brew, and will also heat the mug.) Discard water in the mug and place V60 + mug onto the scale.
  1. Grind 32g coffee beans to medium-fine grind (consistency of sand), add to V60, tare the scale
  1. Start the timer. In a steady, circular motion, from the center outwards, pour 64g of water into V60, wait 0:30
  1. Pour additional 336g of water into V60 in slow, circular motion, wait until the coffee stream at the bottom has slowed to an occasional drip. Remove V60 from mug, discard coffee + filter.
  1. Enjoy

French Press

0. Set timer to 4:00

  1. Heat water to 200 degrees (30 seconds off the boil)
  1. Preheat french press glass beaker with 20-30 grams of water, pour out
  1. Grind 32g coffee beans to course grind (consistency of kosher salt), add to beaker
  1. Add 384g water to beaker, start timer
  1. After 1:00, stir to break up crust at top
  1. At 4:00, press, pour contents into your favorite mug
  1. Enjoy